Ontraq offer both On-Premise and Enterprise Cloud-based Hosted IP PBX Telephone Systems

All our systems are feature rich, fully scalable and are completely flexible so they can change as your business changes.

VoIP uses digital, Internet technology (sip) and this brings multiple new features and services that were previously unavailable using traditional telephone technology, but, of course, you can still call anyone in world be it mobile or landline.

Ontraq can design, build and deploy a custom phone system tailored to your exact needs, or be up and running in minutes on our Hosted system.

All our systems offer features such as :

  • Call Recording as Standard
  • Voicemail with delivery via email
  • Call Transfer
  • Ring Groups and Queues
  • Auto-Attendent / In-bound Call Menus
  • Music On Hold
  • Call Diverts
  • Virtual Home Extensions
  • iOS and Android compatible - use your mobile for your office calls
  • …. and more

Why use Ontraq for VoIP ?

We are renowned for the quality of our IT support Services and our Essex based support team is ready and waiting to help you with your VoIP needs.

Long-Term Experience - we have been building VoIP systems for over 10 years

Our VoIP solutions are reliable, feature rich, flexible and cost effective.

With BT retiring ISDN lines in the next few years there has never been a better time to change your phone system. Ontraq can help you switch to a better, modern, cheaper Voice system without disruption to your business.

Ontraq Ltd

Why FreePBX?

VoIP Telephony Chelmsford from Ontraq


FreePBX comes with zero restrictions on integrated features, such as the number of extensions, users, queues and IVRs you wish to create.

VoIP Telephony Chelmsford from Ontraq


FreePBX is tested and maintained by Sangoma’s Quality Assurance and development teams.

VoIP Telephony Chelmsford from Ontraq


FreePBX is compatible with the majority of the commercially available virtual machines and hardware.

VoIP Telephony Chelmsford from Ontraq


The FreePBX GUI makes it easy to utilize features, such as extension creation, IVR rules, restore & backup, system updates, and more.

VoIP Telephony Chelmsford from Ontraq


Based on open standards, FreePBX is compatible with most commercially available hardware and endpoints.

VoIP Telephony Chelmsford from Ontraq

Language Support

As the most well-known open source IP PBX in the world, FreePBX enables users to choose local language support for each endpoint device.

FreePBX - All the Built-in Features

Users can enjoy an unparalleled array of features that are built right into the FreePBX source code.

Business Features

  • Calling Queues
  • Conference bridge
  • Ring groups
  • Wake up calls
  • Announcements
  • Calendar with third-party integration
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Secure communications
  • Voicemail blasting
  • Video calling support
  • Follow me / find me calling
  • Text to speech
  • Fax–to–email

Calling Features

  • Voicemail
  • Call transfer
  • Call waiting
  • Call screening
  • Caller blacklisting
  • Do not disturb
  • Call transfer
  • Call recording
  • Call event logging
  • Call detail records / call history
  • Voicemail to email
  • Three-way calling support
  • Speed dials caller ID support

Telephony Support

  • Open Standards support for multiple protocols
  • Softphone support
  • WebRTC
  • Mobile phone /desktop support
  • Specialty device support (strobe alerts, voice gateways, failover devices, paging gateways, overhead paging, door phones)
  • 21-day free trial of SIP trunking phone service
  • PRI, ISDN, POTS /Analog, T1, EI, R2, J1

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VoIP Telephony Chelmsford from Ontraq
VoIP Telephony - Chelmsford Essex London Professional IT Support Services



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VoIP Telephony - Chelmsford Essex London Professional IT Support Services

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VoIP Telephony - Chelmsford Essex London Professional IT Support Services


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