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Ontraq can supply, install and manage telephony and Internet lines based on your requirements. We can also offer SIP Trunks, Number Porting, DDI ranges and Low cost call tariffs. Call us to discuss.

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Voice over IP telephone systems use an internet connection to place calls. This means that your calls are cheaper, you have greater flexibility and the cost of purchasing and implementing a new system is greatly reduced.

Companies with multiple offices or teleworkers can have all of their locations connected in one single phone system with minimal fuss and expense. Our Voice over IP telephone systems are generally locally server based so you don't need to have an expensive traditional PBX in each office.

Flexible numbering allows you to use any combination of numbers, for example you could use a non-geographic number such as 0845 or 0844 or use a regional number, (i.e. a Norwich number), from a Brentwood office.

Our VoIP systems give you all of the functionality that you would expect:

  • Call divert
  • Group pickup
  • Voice mail
  • Call recording
  • Hunt groups
  • Live on screen call statistics across your entire business

When upgrading from a traditional telephone system we can move your telephone numbers away from BT and have them 'ported' onto the VoIP network. This is useful if you move office and BT won't allow you to take your number with you because the new office is on a different telephone exchange. With VoIP systems this is no longer an issue.

Call us now on 01245 265100 to discuss your telephony requirements.


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