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Small business SAN Storage
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Storage Tiering Solutions
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data storage AssuredSANTM 2000 series
Easy to use, affordable RAID

data storage networks AssuredSANTM 3000 series
Value and Capacity Storage

data management AssuredSANTM 4000 series
Accelerated MB/s for M&E, HPC, Telecom, Oil & Gas

disaster recovery AssuredSANTM Pro 5000 series
'Real-time' automated tiered storage

Storage Area Networks (SAN) for Essex Business

A storage area network (SAN) is a dedicated network that provides access to consolidated, data storage, SANS are primarily used to enhance storage devices, such as disk arrays, tape libraries, and optical jukeboxes, accessible to servers so that the devices appear like locally attached devices to the operating system

  • Better performance , Storage devices are dedicated to storing information, leaving the servers within a network to be used solely to process information and applications.
  • Speed of access , Storage area networks are designed for one purpose - to provide storage and fast access to this data.
  • Ease of access , If there are server issues or if maintenance is being carried out on the server, staff can still access critical data on the SAN, independently of the network.
  • Data availability , Because data can be replicated easily, if a server fails, the data will still be available to users.
  • Data management , Monitoring tools can automatically find and fix any faults without the need for technical staff, Some can even alert the support department that there is a problem.
  • Maximise assets , A SAN can include both disk and tape so it maximises existing technologies and assets.
  • Disaster recovery , Critical information stored on an organisation's computer system can be copied in real-time to another storage system located at another building , Users can still access information within minutes rather than hours or days.

Data Storage for Digital Imaging - Faster Retrieval of Images and Video Files

Data storage arrays and SANS are able to support multiple streams of high definition video allowing users easier and faster video and image retrieval. The AssuredSAN has a simple intuitive user interface, is highly reliable, and scales to hundreds of terabytes with JBOD units.


Video Surveillance Solutions for Government, Retail and Banking
Healthcare Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS)
Law Enforcement Solutions

Storage for Big Data & Analytics

Enterprise-quality, scalable, high-performance SAN storage systems, compatible with a wide variety of compute-intensive applications for big data and big data analysis, AssuredSAN data storage leverages the strengths of Big Data applications, high performance servers, and data storage tiering, and SAN architecture to create solutions that provides value and performance for petabytes of data.


Scientific and Engineering Research
Research and Development for Weather, Genome, Geospatial, Seismic applications
Video Interpretation of Raw Data
Consumer Data Analysis and Reporting

Data Storage and SANs for Telecom Applications

In the world of 4G converged networks, data storage speed and data access are more important than ever. Network providers have moved from pure switching to providing many value-added services, such as rich media, web access, and messaging services , These solutions require high performance data storage solutions like arrays from Dot Hill that meet reliability and low maintenance requirements of telecommunications operators.


Metadata tables
4G network messaging services
Data capture at line speed
High speed backup applications
Primary storage for customer and billing databases

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