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Data Backup

Data is critical to your business and can be lost by hardware failure or human error. The outcome of this is total disruption to your business activity. There is only one solution to avoid such a disaster, which is secondary hardware data backup or online backup.

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If your server crashes, a virus attacks your system or in the event of an
unintended deletion of files, then losing valuable data costs you time and money and could damage your business reputation. So the backup of data is a vital insurance policy against that risk.

Our data backup service is an automated process that will securely backup your company’s data 'off site' every night and will store it safely and securely within our hosted data centres. Off site data backup is preferable to the traditional tape backup because it is safer and easier to manage. Our system works with all types of data and devices.

  • Backup files and folders
  • Server, desktop and laptop backup
  • Microsoft Exchange email
  • Databases
  • Linux Servers
  • Easy restore
  • Fully automated
  • Secure encryption
  • Local copy of data option

Taking data backup one stage further we can also provide you with a full disaster recovery solution which means that if your business were to suffer a complete loss of a server or even the loss of your entire building, we can have your servers replicated 'off site' to our data centre and ready to run as soon as you need.

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Ontraq offers data centre and data back up and storage services as part of their server support and IT services:: Chelmsford, Essex, London