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Ontraq Ltd was founded to provide local business with flexible and reliable IT solutions. With Director level backgrounds in City based financial trading and services Ontraq brought this expertise and high levels of professionalism to the SME market.

Business can choose to outsource their entire IT service or request support for their existing IT resources. Reliability and dedication are the keystone of our customer IT support and we've been doing it successfully since 1998.

With offices in Chelmsford Essex, we are able to assist any small to medium sized business throughout the South East of England, including central London. Single and multi-site offices. Our client base includes a couple of companies with an office on the European continent that we manage.

Our focus is on long term relationships with our clients - to help develop and maintain their IT systems so they can achieve their business objectives.

Ontraq has a 20 year track-record of delivering business IT solutions to many different markets. Here are some examples of solutions we have delivered:

Legal Sector

Historically, Ontraq has had a very strong presence in the legal sector. We are currently offering our services to many of the top legal firms locally in Essex and London. With years of experience under our belt in supporting industry specialised software, Ontraq is well placed to understand and maintain your business and perform infrastructure upgrades and support. Success in the legal world depends on flexibility and speed of response. Good IT systems can enable small companies to punch above their weight when few have the time or resource to staff their own IT departments.

Manufacturing & Engineering

One of our first ever customers was a manufacturer of packaging materials and fifteen years later, we now provide service and support to an internationally renowned pump manufacturer. With systems that support global sales, we ensure continuous operations, so vital for their business. Our stable platforms enable new applications, servers and machines to be brought into service quickly. You won’t know it but some of the food you eat may not have arrived on your plate without the rigorous IT systems Ontraq installs, deploys and maintains at one of Essex’s most famous food makers.

Direct Marketing

Stepping into the financial call centre arena, security and reliability are top priorities. In the financial sector all network activity has to be strictly monitored and controlled to prevent unauthorised access and constant uptime. And a centrally managed network provides the IT Support Manager with greater visibility and control - not to mention the greater capacity to meet the changes and demands of dynamic markets. It also provides significant cost savings in terms of both headcount and training, and reduces risk for the business.

Financial Markets

Ontraq historically have a strong pedigree of Financial Markets with a number of staff coming from a City based IT background so we fully understand the specific fast paced environments our clients operate in. We design, support and maintain a number of trading platforms for our clients and often find we are one of very few IT companies that understand and have the experience necessary in this competitive market place.

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